Monday, April 21, 2008

inter-unit first aid competition

yesterday ends le
but it just a starting point of the journey
we did it!!!
a best birthday present for liangzz..
but i also fan nao
aft we recieved our prizes,
i dunno how 2 communicate wif others skull
i know their feeling..
juz then i dunno how 2 speak out

write le so long time
haven write the results

Best Traditional Senario: SMK Chung Hua Miri
Best Quiz Bee: SMK Chung Hua Miri
Best Relay: SMK Chung Hua Miri
Best Community Based: SMK St. Columba

For Youth,
Champion: SMK Chung Hua Miri
Runner-up: SMK St. Columba
2nd Runner-up: SMK St. Joseph
friday night they already sleep in my house le
we study till almost 12am cai sleep
c jai n karen???

the quiz bee section...

our supporters...

community based

bandaging n immobilising relay
after 1st day competition
they sleep n rest
n nitezz we train team test
dunno y we so nervous
we all soi soi sick or injured le
karen sore throad,
i cough n flu
jai cramp,
as i saw jai cramp n cry
i almost cry le
we cant give up....
we muz jiayou... we said 2 ourselves
we all prepared but nervous...

sorry didn hav team test pic yet..
we helped 2 arrange the throphy..

so managed to take these photos

saw liangzzz??
we celebrated his b'day too..
c his cake.. special??
face.. colourfull??

during prize giving
we all r vr nervous

c our face...

after prize giving

we take a photos.. five of us

with all trainers n casualty

of cuz also wif our beloved liangzzz..

congratz to all participants...
thx to trainers n casualty
we can only said
we r very lucky this year
gt such good trainers n casualty
n also liangteh n barli from 3 dao dan gui

3 bless of words:

在天堂中 said...

WOW. FANTASTIC results. Congratulations.

长不大のclover said...


Anonymous said...

i am joshua 21 from ukm
i would like to contact with you about little about community based first aid knowledge...

add me in msn

congratz you