Saturday, March 15, 2008

A trip to Borneo Rainforest

today i went to Borneo Rain forest
for have a look abt my YLC camp
these pics took my 3hours to upload it...
just use picz to tell u guys my tour

on the way

the hotel

my yummy coconut water.. (free~0)

decoration on table (vr nice hor?)

plates of fruits for us.. thx for serving ya..
foods on my plate.. looks delicious
the restaurant with forest smell
the hall where the briefing will be given
in Borneo Pavilion
the place to eat
1st i prefer here.. cuz gt camp site..
the toilet
camp site


but i more prefer on this!!! HOSTEL!
it's now in construction..
but will end in this month
u'll know y i choose here
hostel where the ground floor is hall
else is girl hostel

hope YLC camp can made here
boys hostel
1 floor can live 25 ppl..

the camp site in front of hostel
so AJK can sleep in hostel
members in tent

fly over to main building

another part of fly over

the main building (hotel)

the hotel room
me. back is ah ter n chong

Miri hall (a lecturer hall)

an outdoor cafe ~~relax~~
say yes!

Nyatoh chalet
meranti Chalet (view of lake)

Belian Chalet (most expensive de)
inside.. the bathroom in

little girl btw 2 giant

Empuzau 1
got stage.. can do cultral show here

big ppl talk big buisiness now
i not like an O/C of YLC camp but a kid listening to big ppl
sha sha de ah ter

on trailer--bring us from Hq of rain forest to campsite

me, pn. randai, cikgu supang

sylvester n chong

hope Red Crescent de YLC camp can really organise here

haiz... have many thing to prepare for a camp lor...

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长不大のclover said...

so good
u can go there~

永远的阳光 said...

haha.. juz have a look there..
a nice place for relax..

yellowhen said...

yo~ not bad wor de camp... hope ll b able 2 b thr wid u too during ur camp ya, as ur fren, but not sum1 wanna over power ya... haha ^^ understand?

Johnny, 英杰 said...
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Johnny, 英杰 said...

just saw ur blog.ya that is a good place.what "big ppl" la..we not that big.haha.just helping ask some question but not make decision.hope u dun think that there are some1 wan overpower ya.haha.good luck for ur camp at there.yo henry,long time not see.u will love the place, it really nice.

My Stories said...

看起来是去享受而不是camping 叻~佳琪下次记得带我去!!! hope youth camp can organize in this place!!!

永远的阳光 said...

haha.. i'm not mean overpower la..
juz the picture look like a little girl beside the businessman mar..

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