Friday, February 1, 2008


i was vr vr angry n sad today..
my tears kept come to my eyes..
the words so hurt me
n it's spoilt my name

i was vr sensitive to the word "copy"
i dislike n also hate to copy
"copy' to a dancer is a thing which is vr embrassed
so, i never copy n create the dance myself

for concert rehearsal
my dance cut is okay to me
but i really angry to wad she said in front of hundrends of ppl,
"this dance is copying last yr 'zhu mu lang ma' (last yr concert de dance)"
i really angry
i create myself, of cuz same etnic.. sure hav same feel
but the style really different mar
blind ppl also can differenciate la...

how ppl look at me??
say me copy others dance???
hope the audience hav eyes to c la

i explained to her...
she said'
"i didn meant tht u copy their dance.."
!@#$%^&*... wad la...
u alr said this in front so many ppl.. u didn meant tht?!
wad i can say? ntg...

i cried in lion dance room..
feel vr hurt.. vr vr sad...
own creation say til like dat

if u say i copy, then well...
i wont n never create dance in concert..
i prefer hav my dance outside the school
rather than i dance in school...

dun 4get, is u CHUNG HUA
who spoilt a girl dreams...

8 bless of words:

PanCake said...

I'm sorry jia chee, i asked you guys to haf a try at d rehearsal but at last, i'm so sorry. I understand your feeling. ='[

Black Sano~Black Tan~Tan Si Nan said...

narh..dun so sad le..
they dun understand mar..tat's y they say copy..
if in 24 season drum,i create my own style and being used by others,in the end they say i am the 1 copy..this is jus becoz they dunno and dun understand about it..

jus understand this fact,nt every1 understand the thing u learn..



Anonymous said...

cheer up la chee!! hope u feel better le la...=) jia you jia you o!! we oso kena marah ma during the reheasal. =)

~界豪^^ said...

when she says tat i also quite angry de..... lolz, say wat copy.. if wan say jiu say well well.. no nid to say until so..

Alyssa said...

cheer up girl...

me oso very marah when she say like that. you're right, blind people can also differenciate the 2 dances...CHEER UP!! Its their lost that they dont appreciate the dance you created..

p/s:everyone knows that 'she' is a total bull sh*t...


Steve said...
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Steve said...

yea..jia chee!

Cheer up girl!

You can dance and create the dance better than 'she' does!It's not just you who angry..we as your fren oso angry when we heard tat!jia chee,just ignore them!we will support u all the way!Keep on dancing!jia you!=)

To 'she':
what copy!!she didn't copy ok..I heard from frens tat she spent a lot of time in creating tat dance and you who the one who ask them to dance in the competition!and yet you say top 3 in the dance competition will perform in the concert!what the hell!If you guys still think like tat..sure Concert will be bored!

永远的阳光 said...

thx for ev1 supporting...
i'll be tough..
no energy 2 care abt her le.. haiz..